Acupuncture can lower blood pressure

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Acupuncture can lower blood pressure

Postby Mikebloom » Mon Aug 07, 2017 7:47 am

High blood pressure is one of the risk factors that causes stroke and heart attack. In fact, middle aged people are prone to this condition. And among the list alcohol also increases blood pressure. Many wonder how alcohol can cause HBP but its simple. Alcohol can make you gain weight. And overweight on its own causes high blood pressure.

Many people have been relying on drugs to curtail their HBP. And these drugs must also be taken daily for a lifetime. American researchers where curious to know the best way blood pressure can be controlled without drugs, so they did some research and discovered that placing some special acupuncture needles on certain points of the skin can help stimulate nerves that reach up to the brain as well as to cells that can help to control blood pressure.

This is good news for people suffering from HBP. Just like me, the day I checked my blood pressure at home jokingly, using the blood pressure calculator at shown by my cousin, I knew from that day I was going to start enriching the pockets of HBP drug companies when I saw my BP was high. Well, I have been relying on acupuncture and it has been working fine.

Please share your story, how acupuncture has been helping you with blood pressure issue.
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