Dizziness, red eyes, blurry vision, low-grade fever

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Dizziness, red eyes, blurry vision, low-grade fever

Postby eternalbee » Thu Feb 09, 2017 2:46 am

This is a treatment of six-element theory.
I just treated someone with dizziness, red eyes, blurry vision, low-grade fever and headache. The pulse for Pericardium and San Jiao was full and soft. These meridians belong to what I say is the Seed element. The ears were blocked and the person heard like the sound of a seashell in the ears. These are signs that the Pericardium meridian is blocking and not feeding into the element Wood, Gall bladder and Liver. Pericardium is not feeding into Kidney meridian either.
I put my thumb gently and firmly on left Pc6, then began to touch Gall Bladder points around the left eye. I felt Qi around my hands. I found 3 points that heightened the symptoms intensely. I felt Qi move through the Pc6 point. Gurgling sounds from the abdomen appeared. I asked the person to breath out the discomfort. I checked some Gall bladder point on top of the head. Gall bladder 15 & 16 moved more Qi and brought on a feeling of coldness. When the feeling of cold came, I knew the Qi was flowing to the Kidney meridian which meant that the Pericardium meridian was unblocking. Minutes later the person's mood was lifting and she was telling jokes. She now has energy and is doing chores with uplifted spirit. The treatment will need a bit of time to return balance.
Footnote: The person's Pericardium Qi has been constantly stirred up and disrupted lately in life. Many changes and pressures. The Pericardium blocked and Gall Bladder was weakening.
Here is a link to a related video...
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