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Important Notice: Use of the Indications Search is subject to the Disclaimer. The use of this feature is for educational purposes only and it should not serve as a diagnostic tool. It is recommended for use by experienced students and practitioners only and not by the general public.

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This search tool will only search for the point indication - eg: "toothache". Do NOT enter the point name. You may enter single or multiple search terms (eg: "toothache" or "facial paralysis" or "atrophy of optic nerve".) however it is best to search for a single term to increase the amount of results. The search term is case insensitive. (This means that it does not matter if you use uppercase or lowercase when entering a search term as all strings are converted into lowercase.) You may use partial search terms (eg: "tooth" or "ear".) The search engine does not respond to terms in inverted "" commas (eg: "toothache" will not work, but toothache will.)

Indication Information:

General indications are sourced from Acupuncture Point Dynamics and are divided into Primary, Secondary, Tertiary and Other Indications. For an explanation on these indications as well as the sources used click here. Indications which are from Chinese Acupuncture and Moxibustion have been placed under Tertiary Indications.