Ear Acupuncture and Auriculotherapy

In Ear Acupuncture and Auriculotherapy the ear relates to a miniature map of the human body which each part of the ear corresponds to a part of the body.

Ear Acupuncture

Ear Acupuncture is commonly used in the treatment of drug addiction in rehab centers throughout the world.

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Founded by Dr. Paul Nogier of France in the 1940s, Auriculotherapy began with the traditional Chinese medical (TCM) use of the surface of the auricle or external ear for acupuncture or other therapeutic stimulation. Initially, the Chinese used a small number of acupoints scattered on the surface of the ear for treating a variety of conditions. Dr. Nogier began to research and explore the traditional use of ear acupuncture, eventually developing the practice into a complete therapeutic system called Auriculotherapy, or sometimes referred to as Nogier.

Auriculotherapy is a microsystem, meaning that the entire body is reflected on the ear, and can be treated by use of the ear exclusively. A similar microsystem is the reflexology system which utilizes the sole of the foot for treatment of any part of the body. There are literally thousands of acupoints on the surface of the auricle. These points can be treated with acupuncture, with laser therapy, or by taping a small bead or pellet on the point. Pellets can be gold, silver, titanium, surgical steel, a seed from a plant that has been soaked in medicinal herbs, or other materials.

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