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Back-Shu Points

Back-Shu are points at the back where the Qi of the respective Zang-Fu organs is unfused. They are located on either side of the vertebral column (on the first run of the Bladder channel) and are in close proximity to their respective related Zang-Fu organs. When any of the Zang-Fu organs malfunction, an abnormal reaction such as tenderness will occur at the corresponding Back-Shu point. These points play an important role in diagnosis and treatment of diseases in which their repsective Zang-Fu organs are involved.


Back-Shu Point
Bones UB11
Lung UB13
Pericardium UB14
Heart UB15
Du UB16
Diaphragm/Blood UB17
Liver UB18
Gall Bladder UB19
Spleen UB20
Stomach UB21
San Jiao UB22
Kidney UB23
Colon UB25
Small Intestine UB27
Bladder UB28

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