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About Acupuncture Points

Acupuncture points are small areas of the body where there exists a vortex of energy which when stimulated by needles, moxa or massage have been found to affect the balance and flow of energy in the body.

Each point possesses its own functions - the physiology of the point.

Acupuncture points derive their functions from their location, from the channel they belong to, from any special grouping they are part of and from the clinical observations of generations of practitioners.

The twelve main meridians plus two of their eight extra meridians (the Ren mai and Du Mai) have named points along their pathways.

There are also numerous off channel points known as Extra Points.

The size of a point seems to differ according to location, but most points are considering to be only one to three millimetres in diameter.

It would follow that the more accurately one can locate a point, the more effective one's treatment will be.

Different points have different characteristcs, ie different effects on their associated meridians and organs. Certain points are known to tonify (supplement) the channel, organ or function others to reduce (sedate) whilsts others have a homeostatic (balancing) effect.

There are special groups or categories that are considered important.

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