SI6 (Small Intestine 6) - Acupuncture Point Information

Chinese Name: Yanglao
English Name: Nourish the Old

Location: With the palm facing the chest, this point can be found in the bony cleft on the radial side of the styloid process of the ulna.


Xi-Cleft point of the Small Intestine channel.


Relaxes the sinews/tendons, clears the cahnnels, removes obstructions from the channels, clears the vision, brightens the eyes.

Primary Indications:

Blurred vision.

Tertiary Indications:

Aching of shoulder/back/elbow and arm.

Other Indications:

Hemiplegia, stiff neck, low back pain, restriction of movement in lumbar area, pain of hernia, wrist drop, belching, eyeball pain.


This information is from the book Acupuncture Point Dynamics and has been used with permission from the author John McDonald.

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