SI11 (Small Intestine 11) - Acupuncture Point Information

Chinese Name: Tianzhong
English Name: Heaven Ancestor

Location: In the centre of the infraspinous fossa, at the junction of the upper and middle third of the distance between the lower border of the scapular spine and the inferior angle of the scapula.

Primary Indications:

Pain in the scapular region.

Tertiary Indications:

Pain in lateroposterior aspect of elbow and arm, swelling and pain of cheek and submandibular region, asthma, insufficient lactation.

Other Indications:

Mastitis, headache, spasms of neck muscles, body in opisthotonos, severe painful hiccoughs.


This information is from the book Acupuncture Point Dynamics and has been used with permission from the author John McDonald.

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