GB26 (Gall Bladder 26) - Acupuncture Point Information

Chinese Name: Daimai
English Name: Girdle Vessel

Location: Directly below the free end of the 11th rib (Zhangmen LIV13), level with the umbilicus.


Point of intersection of Gall Bladder channel with Daimai.


Regulates the Daimai, regulates menses, stops vaginal discharge, clears Damp-Heat.

Primary Indications:

Pain in low back and sides, menstrual disorders (irregular menses, amenorrhea), vaginal discharge.

Tertiary Indications:

Hernia, lower abdominal pain, cystitis, convulsions.

Other Indications:

Paraplegia due to trauma, all forms of paralysis, diarrhea, pain in chest and hypochondrium, abdomen "like a wineskin full of water".


This information is from the book Acupuncture Point Dynamics and has been used with permission from the author John McDonald.

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