GB21 (Gall Bladder 21) - Acupuncture Point Information

Chinese Name: Jianjing
English Name: Shoulder Well

Location: Midway between the acromion and Dazhui (DU14) at the highest point of the shoulder.

Precautions: Promotes uterine contraction hence forbidden in pregnancy (research: promotes oxytocin)


Point of intersection of Gall Bladder channel with Sanjiao channel, Stomach channel and Yangweimei.


Expels retained placenta (research: promotes oxytocin), promotes free flow of Qi in the breat (research: promotes prolactin), spreads stagnant Liver Qi, removes phlegm and opens the orifices.

Primary Indications:

Stiff neck, pain in shoulder and back.

Secondary Indications:

Mastitis/breat abscess, wind-stroke, difficult labour.

Tertiary Indications:

Motor impairment of arm, scrofula, uterine bleeding, vertigo/dizziness, headache, cough/dyspnea, foot swelling, cold limbs.

Other Indications:

Thyroid hypertrophy, all types of tuberculosis, all types of contusions, pain in renal region.


This information is from the book Acupuncture Point Dynamics and has been used with permission from the author John McDonald.

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