CO1 (Colon 1) - Acupuncture Point Information

Chinese Name: Shangyang
English Name: Merchant Yang

Location: On the radial side of the index finger, about 0.1 cun (1 fen) posterior to the corner of the nail.


Jing-Well point of the Colon channel.


Clears Wind-Heat.

Primary Indications:

Deafness, toothache, swelling of submandibular region, sore throat.

Secondary Indications:

Wind-stroke coma, febrile diseases.

Tertiary Indications:

Atrophy of optic nerve, finger numbness, tinnitus.

Other Indications:

Facial acne, eye-dizziness and eye pain, facial neuralgia due to disorders of the muscle channels, vomiting and diarrhea, rheumatic pains of shoulder and upper arm, shock, fullness of the chest, oppression, cough, dry mouth, swelling of the arm, swelling of the four limbs, pain in back and shoulders, pain in the shoulder girdle.


This information is from the book Acupuncture Point Dynamics and has been used with permission from the author John McDonald.

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