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01/05/2007 - Tales from a Traditional Acupuncture Clinic. By Alan Jansson.

May I tell you an inspirational story? About Keith, his amazing family and the extraordinarily good news they received a few days ago.

Keith’s death sentence, life imprisonment was revoked just the other Wednesday morning.. 2 ½ years of appeals…countless hours of tests and consultations…an incredible level of commitment and a steadfast determination to live every minute of every day to it’s fullest… Tis a tale of never failing optimism…. the birth of a grandson .. ..the possible rebirth of his football team…the unerring support of his incredible wife and family…… and the combined efforts of a team of dedicated practitioners.

Such collusion resulted in Keith being removed from the liver transplant list!! Without a transplant and very much alive!!!

A situation almost unheard of according to Keith’s medical specialist.

His steadfast recovery borders on miraculous, I feel a deep seated joy for Keith and his family and am grateful to have played a part in his recovery. His specialist was stunned when scans revealed Keith’s liver was coming back to life as his body grew many smaller blood vessels to compensate for a completely collapsed and dysfunctional portal vein. (If you are not in the know…this was a very, very serious situation for Keith).

As a practitioner it is moments like these that clarify my underlying motivation for working with people through this powerful energetic medicine.. an incredibly unique and unbelievably ancient medical modality that defies all attempts to categorize it even in the 21st century.. And it is moments like the one I experienced when Keith sat me down explaining that he had something important to tell me that bring it all home and clarify my motivation for practicing.

Without getting technical Keith had managed to grow many smaller blood vessels to compensate for a collapsed portal vein thus rejuvenating the blood circulation in that most vital of organs, the liver. His specialist was amazed and had absolutely no explanation for this phenomenon. But he did say, ‘whatever it is that you are doing Keith… KEEP ON DOING IT!’

The longer I practice the more amazed I am of the clinical flexibility and efficacy of traditional acupuncture with the energetic collaboration of the patient, some extraordinary clinical outcomes have resulted.

Did I mention side affects such as the deep seated relaxation, improved sleep patterns and rejuvenated energy that many patients experience as a result of successful treatment.

Relaxation, sleep and energy in the 21st Century.. Now that's gold!

Alan Jansson