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09/04/2007 - Observation on treatment of dizziness mainly by acupuncture.

Country: China

Institute: Anshan Municipal Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Anshan, Liaoning 114004, China.

Author(s): Guo F.

Journal: J Tradit Chin Med. 2007 Mar;27(1):16-8.


OBJECTIVE: To observe the therapeutic effects of acupuncture on dizziness.

METHODS: 65 cases were randomly divided into a treatment group of 36 cases, and a control group of 29 cases. In the treatment group, a comprehensive treatment with both drugs and acupuncture was given, with the points Jiaji from C1- C4, Taiyang (EX-HN5) and Touwei (ST 8) mainly selected in the acupuncture treatment; while the control group was treated only with drugs.

RESULTS: The treatment group and the control group showed a total effective rate of 91.7% and 79.3% respectively, and a curative rate of 58.3% and 44.8% respectively, with significant differences.