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07/02/2007 - China seeks int'l cooperation on traditional Chinese medicine.

News release:

China is working with international scientists to research a wide range of new treatments using traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), an official with China's Ministry of Science and Technology said in Beijing on Tuesday.

China together with international researchers will test TCM in treating AIDS, cancer and psychosis and cardiovascular diseases, said vice minister Shang Yong.

China also will focus on developing modern TCM products which meet the demand of the international market and establish TCM collaborative research centers and laboratories, he added.

"Our goal is to set up 15 to 30 such research centers and laboratories and finish 100 collaborative research projects by 2020," he added.

China also plans to carry out academic exchanges with 50 overseas medical institutes and colleges, he said.

The research was prompted by the International Traditional Chinese Medicine Program for Cooperation in Science and Technology which was launched in Beijing last July.

China has signed inter-governmental protocols including TCM cooperation with 70 countries and regions. TCM has been accepted and protected by laws in Australia and South Africa, and TCM products have been exported to 135 countries and regions, according to the ministry.

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