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02/02/2007 - Acupuncture of LI-4 in Anesthetized healthy humans decreases cerebral blood flow in the putamen measured with positron emission tomography.

Country: Denmark

Institute: Department of Neuroanesthesiology, Aarhus University Hospital, Aarhus C, Denmark.

Author(s): Schlunzen L, Vafaee MS, Cold GE.


To minimize the influence of exogenous factors, 13 volunteers were anesthetized with sevoflurane 1 MAC while exposed to manual acupuncture stimulation of LI-4 (Group 1, n = 7) or a placebo point in the space between the third and fourth metacarpals (Group II, n = 6).

During anesthesia (baseline) and anesthesia + acupuncture, one H2(15)O scan was performed, respectively. Group I demonstrated a significant decrease in regional cerebral blood flow in the right medial frontal gyrus (20%) and in the left putamen (17%). In Group II regional cerebral blood flow was decreased in the right medial frontal gyrus (22%); in the putamen no significant changes were observed.

These data suggest that needle penetration of the skin affects the medial frontal gyrus, whereas acupuncture of LI-4 influences the putamen.

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