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01/09/2006 - The "Grandfather - Grandson" rule by Alan Jansson

Image: Application of Smokeless Ondan Style Heating Needle Technique. as strong as needle head moxibustion but adequate in a majority of cases conserved.

After introducing you to my youngest patient, Liam in last months newsletter, hopefully highlighting the clinical flexibility of traditional acupuncture, please allow me to introduce you to Keith, Liam’s grandfather, an amazing person and truly rewarding patient to work with.

In his sixties, Keith is retired and loves nothing more than going fishing and spending time relaxing with his beautiful wife and delightful family.

About three years ago Keith suffered a severe attack of pancreatitis, almost dying on several occasions.

The repercussions of this life threatening condition still echo through his life today.

His liver, spleen and pancreas are drastically affected and he was placed on the liver transplant list about two and half years ago.

When Keith first consulted with me in an effort to halt the deterioration of his already deleterious condition, he could barely stand and only walk if assisted and using a cane.

With no appetite, skinny as a rake, suffering from severe dizzy spells upon the slightest movement, he had exhausted all orthodox medical options yet he continued to waste away in front of his family.

Keith was a classic case of the spirit being willing whilst the flesh be weak. His family had every right to be very, very concerned about his health and longevity. Two and half years on and Keith remains on the liver transplant list, continually astounding the medical professionals in his team with his relatively amazing health.

How satisfying it is as a practitioner to see a grandfather who has been there and done that hold his grandson knowing that the outcome may have been so very different?

It is a truly gratifying experience to be in the position to provide a valuable service to such families. In addition to treating grandson and grandpa, I treat grandma for lower back pain and the odd malady, also mum post and pre-birth, auntie, who no longer suffers from chronic migraine headaches and an uncle for anxiousness related to the latent build of work related stress.

The entire family seeks traditional acupuncture treatment when threatened with flu's and colds.

Image: Lighter needling technique.. The patient can be covered with a towel and heating or yang energy is conserved.

Image: A moxa needle treatment. Primarily suitable for those patients with strong constitutions suffering from yin deficient conditions..

If the individual seeks recourse within 24 hours of the initial onset of symptoms such as a runny nose, headache and malaise, treatment is usually extremely effective and will often prevent the onset of chest infection and cough.

How extraordinary is the flexibility and power of traditional acupuncture?

In a majority of situations I am not required to needle any deeper than two to three millimeters to affect a positive clinical outcome.

I do use deeper techniques when applying heat to the needle with moxibustion or ondan when treating mums lower back or tonifying the kidney yin energy when Grandpa's blood sugar goes beyond the acceptable level.

This technique can be also be very effective when uncle starts suffering from dream disturbed sleep and insomnia or Auntie shows signs of a yin deficient migraine pattern recurring.

As a practitioner I find it very rewarding and extremely satisfying to see such positive clinical outcomes using predominantly light and pain free needling.

Whilst requiring a high level of attention and focus, the flexibility, potency and spontaneous energetic response of the patient to such treatment makes it all worthwhile.

I close with the age old Grandfather – Grandson law, the same today as it was in the Emperor’s court in 2500BC. ‘Keep the Customer Satisfied and Life is Good !’