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01/09/2006 - Some thoughts on Intention arising from Sheng Gong

Intention is the action of carrying out a focus of our thought, cited in dictionary terms as having a purpose, fixed design, end or aim-. Intent stems from Yï (mind) which leads Qi becoming an external form, in the world, the arena for life's actions and the many other forms of Qi (chi).

In terms of Traditional Chinese Medical Philosophy, thinking process is our Yi-fa (thought methods), being an internal yin nature, constantly fed by heavenly yang energy; thoughts can and do become active, proceeding outwards from yin taking on yang expression.

This process of thought (Yï ), being part of our internal Qi energy, is witnessed internally by an observing system (our collective consciousness) as symbols and graphic images, while using acquired language's as a mediation tool. Allowing response from collated impressions; enabling us to make known our intentions (extended form, objective, rite or ceremony) into the external arena.

Any intention to do, directs energy to flow moving the body and four limbs, becoming its vice regent, we as a commander then fall into the thinking of this energy, as being our force, rather than recognizing the reality, which is always dependant on the creative forces of energy that surround us, Qi in its many forms.

It is presented to all of us that follow in the steps of great teachers, masters and scholars within the traditions of Oriental Medicine, that the intent we direct towards people, especially as practitioners towards clients who are being treated for irregularities and disharmonies, leading the methods (acquired skills) by which we treat.

Intent therefore presents itself as the work (Gong) the leading edge of any knowledge stored and used by the faculty of the Shen (mind-Spirit); being a processor and repository to all post-birth experience's, integrating with the stored potential of our pre-birth Ancestral Jing, the potential to become.

This is where real knowledge is stored; accumulated by the ancestral chain, preceding all of us, since the dawn of existence. Using, acquired temporal linguistic skills to express itself and be known, while all the time gathering further truth and time tested knowledge, which in turn will be passed on to further generations.

These functions give each person their individual sensitive response to the environment; some ancients refer to this as our sacred storehouse. Further, this ancestral codex cannot be owned as it is pre-existent, meaning we can only become its envoy and add to it. By drawing upon this energy, we can nourish and harmonize each others states of well being, being one of the universal laws, in this case; the law of reciprocal feeding.

With good intent, we connect to the source of Qi, via the ancestral Jing which derives itself from the universal collective Qi energy. That has become massed in the common presence of elements and forms, giving structure to itself in the forms we recognize as life.

As one of the myriad's of evolved life forms, mankind exists on a planetary body governed by light and dark, referred to within the traditions of Chinese medicine, as Yin and Yang.

Yï being the thought that can empower intent, leads the practitioner of TCM to effect order & balance to some of the 10.000 things; looked at as deficiencies or excesses, manifesting in the movement of Qi and blood, the element's interactions as well as the seasons, observed as the qualities of Yin & Yang within the respective Zang-fu.

Intent, arises from consciousness (adj. with knowledge) and draws from a deeper source becoming as Daisetsu Suzuki infers in his words - "that the art becomes an artless art, growing out of the unconscious"
The word growing is interesting as growth starts from an infinite point becoming finite, growth divides and expands into a greater form.

If our acquired knowledge is conscious, this doorway or method becomes a key to unlocking the unconscious ancestral Qi which has no boundary or border and is like the sea of Qi, and just maybe, real intent is just Qi recognizing itself, putting aside the accoutrements that come through acquired knowledge.
If minute particles of matter are viewed as having a consciousness, that becomes a uniting force to existence; that its vibration energy is connected by its body mass, to a collective mass, that in turn gives rise to a collective consciousness.

It would seem, that a symbiotic co-existence is taking place, affecting each other's common presence. In the case of Qi, which has no boundaries, it is already, all and everything.

Qi energy, oscillates or vibrates at different frequencies, in the case of a practitioners intent which is Yï leading Qi and as Qi resides in all matter and form, having no boundaries, it is a unity, we in turn become related (vice-regents) in a collective looking after itself.

Just maybe this action is what the collective called humanity calls love, Qi in action, like many of us who are immersed in Traditional Chinese or other Oriental Medicines, we are moved by a passionate forbearance in a world of changes, and are drawn to a simple axiom in a complex arena.

Written and Submitted by Drew Young.

Student to Life and Traditional Chinese Medicine-Acupuncture. (ACNM-Brisbane-Gold Coast) & a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Bodywork.

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