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01/08/2006 - Treating newly born children by Alan Jansson.

I recently treated my youngest patient at 3 1/2 amazing experience indeed! I did not use needles for this little one, instead using my hands and a beautiful instrument called a shonishin, about the same size as a small pencil and made from copper or brass.

Liam presented with a very bloated tummy, extremely restless, incessant crying with a diabolically disturbed sleep pattern that was depriving his parents, his sister, not to mention his tiny self of much needed rest and he was also significantly constipated. Delivered by caesarian section at 32 weeks, he was a little jaundiced and his liver gall bladder complex functionally compromised.
He had been in this state for 3-4 days and his doctor was concerned, suggesting medication and suppositories to encourage a bowel movement.
Neither of his parents really wanted to medicate one of such a tender and vulnerable age.

His temperament, sleep pattern, constipation and ears indicated liver deficiency. Root treatment consisted of placing the shonishin gently upon and tonifying Points Liver 8 and Kidney 10, then gently palpating and shunting both the Stomach and Gall Bladder meridians on his tiny legs.

All this was done with as much sensitivity as I could muster. Immediately after the treatment he fell asleep peacefully in the arms of his grandmother. The following day his parents reported a spectacular bowel movement and an immediate improvement in the child’s disposition.

The following week he was brought in again, his mum concerned about a partial relapse 5-6 days after the previous treatment. I repeated similar treatment to the first and Liam started to burp, continuing to do so constantly for at least 45minutes whilst both awake and asleep! I then questioned mum regarding foodstuffs that she was taking on board. It transpired that she was consuming prodigious quantities of dairy products and homogenized milk. I advised her to cut down on her overall dairy consumption and change to NON homogenized products where possible.

Two weeks later all is well and Liam is a beautiful, contented baby, sleeping like a log much to the relief of his family, especially mum and dad. I am grateful to have been able to facilitate such a positive change without any medication or supplementation. I will be biased in these newsletters towards the treatment of young children. By doing so I hope to stimulate more interest in the incredible potency and flexibility of Traditional Acupuncture and emphasize that our healing art can be extraordinarily gentle without losing any of its efficacy.

In my 20 plus years of clinical practice, I have found a majority of patients, be they adolescent, adult or infant, return for treatment far more willingly and regularly when positive outcomes occur as a result of gentle and predominantly superficial needling techniques. As sensitive practitioners who consider the needs of their customers/clients first and foremost, (a fundamental premise in establishing any sort of successful business), we can open the door wider for those millions of potential patients who are traumatized at the thought of having needles inserted deeply into their body. This might be of benefit for all concerned??? I still use deeper needling, (very much the exception rather than the rule) when required and  remain eternally grateful to Masakazu Ikeda sensei for demonstrating the phenomenal potential of our healing art/science using powerful superficial needling protocols when delivering the root treatment ! I hope you are well and keeping apace with the rapidly changing reality of the 21st century.

Kind Regards,