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02/11/2005 - Health Professions Registration Bill 2005

News release:

In October 2002, the Department commenced a review of the system of regulation of Victoria's registered health professions.

A detailed discussion paper was released in October 2003, and 116 submissions were received. Following analysis of the submissions, an options paper was released in April 2005, presenting a range of options for structural and legislative reform. After a final round of consultation with stakeholders, the proposed reforms were finalised and Approval in Principle granted to commence drafting new legislation.

A new Health Professions Registration Bill was introduced to Parliament on 26 October 2005. A copy of the Bill may be accessed by clicking here.

The Bill will repeal 11 separate acts, sections of the Health Act and associated regulations and will replace them with a single ‘Health Professions Registration Act’.

The new act will maintain the best elements of the current system, and build on this to create an act that is more accountable and fair for health practitioners, registration boards and patients.

Under the new act, the system will be fairer and more accountable to staff.

The changes to the acts will mean there is:

  • more flexibility in service delivery
  • a faster and more streamlined system for managing complaints against practitioners
  • more openness in board decisions
  • the chance for some professional groups to broaden their skills and scope of practice
  • better quality of care for patients
  • a tougher stance on practitioners who are deregistered for serious unprofessional conduct

For more information please visit the Victorian Department of Health and Safety website.

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