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15/07/2005 - Regulation of Chinese Medicine Practitioners in Western Australia

News release:

This discussion paper outlines the movement in Australia to regulate Chinese medicine practitioners. Regulating Chinese medicine practitioners in WA is important given the potential for serious adverse effects arising from the practice of the profession.

Descriptions of the three modalities being considered for regulation are acupuncturist, Chinese herbal medicine practitioner and Chinese herbal dispenser. The models of regulation being consideration for WA Chinese medicine practitioners are explained in detail.

Protection of title is recommended as the form of regulation, with controls on prescribing and dispensing rights for restricted herbs. One section reviews potential registration criteria that practitioners would be subject to, including options for an initial grandparenting arrangement to assist with registering existing practitioners. Information is also provided on the impact of the State Administrative Tribunal and the National Competition Policy on regulating the Chinese medicine profession.

Full paper available here